Analysis of the current situation of China’s catering takeaway market competition

China’s food and beverage market consumption has been high, especially in terms of mass catering. Hungry takeaway brand is created by the college students entrepreneurial team, and now has become able to compete with Baidu, the United States and other large Internet companies catering takeaway chain. Proved that college students have the strength to start.

in the takeaway O2O market high speed development under the background of rivers and lakes is feudal lords vying for the throne. Hungry, the United States to take away, Baidu takeaway, word of mouth takeaway, food and so will have to rise, set off a wave of takeaway rivers and lakes. Is the U.S., hungry and other giant can fold the twig, or Baidu takeaway, takeaway the bright younger generation reputation first, or deep plowing services home delicacy to the last laugh? Only time can prove, however, with the industry to develop in depth, more treacherous and unpredictable martial takeaway.

The three positions of

to takeaway this piece of rivers and lakes, the user’s significance is extraordinary. Today’s takeaway market, mainly divided into services for students to take away the campus, white-collar service business takeaway and service family takeaway. Three different segments of the market corresponds to three different user groups, market characteristics and user habits are different, so the operation strategy of the major takeaway platform has also focused on.

the takeaway platform between fighting

the takeaway platform after financing and burn crazy, what has changed? At first glance the subsidy is still in progress, but in fact the strength has been greatly reduced, but increased competition between platforms to another dimension, the depth of mining that is fine operation of market segments and its advantages.


1, hungry and beauty group rivals arena takeaway to kill

the hungry takeaway chiefs and group is hate death. Than the speed and quantity of financing, than to develop city number, than the average daily volume of orders, than burn subsidies…… This is not the only one。 No way, who let their fancy student market and white-collar market, all aspects are hard to compete, can only rely on capital transfusion, by pushing the team support.