How to choose underwear brand

choose underwear brand project, how to choose the right investment projects? Many franchisees have been falling because of lack of experience of investment trap, how to avoid it? Small finishing suggestions, hope to meet the needs of the market, doing business more peace of mind.

A, there is no free lunch

A in the underwear industry veteran of more than and 10 years of the investment manager told us that many companies as a decoration, delivery cabinet, free products, which also send the gift, this is the free free, sounds very attractive, but as the saying goes: in the long run, these companies are able to out of so many attractive "free" and "gifts", because they passed the first batch of investment funds or in other places in the hidden / "charges", but the preferential policy sounds less attractive, and the brand is the real, true to join partners preferential and support.

two, on delivery discount

seriously understand the underwear joining people know that many companies now supply discount is floating, non fixed, such as 75% off -4.8 fold. This is actually the discount parameter reference data, a vague ready to accept either course for franchisees, and even can be said to be a type of flicker evasive, evade the crucial point. Because of the low discount is only in order to attract franchisees and franchisees, once attracted, the actual supply is high discount, if the franchisee to enter the low discount goods often get low discount goods out of stock or reply.

three, no factory and warehouse

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