Vice mayor of Anhui in a network about car software on the order to do part-time

party building has always been the concern of my party and the masses, in the course of economic development, there are some of the cadres to take advantage of their positions, began his part-time career. The following and Xiaobian together to understand, Anhui vice mayor in a network about car software on the list of events.

recently, Anhui province Shexian town Party committee member, deputy mayor He Sheng (a pseudonym) went to the county offices, in the meantime, in a network of software about car orders, driving private car passengers from the city to the County Development Zone, after being recognized.

has reported the matter to the Shexian Commission for Discipline Inspection, transportation management and other departments. Local transport authorities said the move is illegal operation; the County Commission for Discipline Inspection in accordance with the regulations and said. What Sheng said to accept the punishment, and said the future will not do such part-time".

ho Sheng received Department survey said that after a lot of pressure, as Party members and cadres, recognizing the error. He Sheng said that some time ago to treat rheumatic diseases before and after the leg spent more than 15000 yuan, mostly borrowed money. "It’s really tight." Ho Sheng said, I bought the car a few years ago, the May Download Network about cars software, use at work and meetings, on holidays, night time to earn some extra money, gross income two thousand or three thousand yuan.

to do a part-time job in life, we are common, but you have seen cadres do part-time? For the vice mayor of Anhui in a network of about car software on the order to do part-time event, what do you think? Do you think it is right or wrong? Next, for the cadres, the relevant departments will be how to deal with it?

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