Sunshine city create civilization persuasion have to point praise

for a lot of people, civilized travel you and me, as long as everyone abide by the traffic rules, you can give people travel brings great convenience, it is worth people praise. Rizhao in the process of creating a national civilized city, to create a safe and smooth, civilized and orderly traffic order. Since 2016 to carry out "comity zebra, since I praise for you" experience activities, the city a total of more than 105 municipal civilized units, more than 1 thousand people participated in the activities of the public civilization civilized persuasion, consciousness gradually improved, traffic order has been significantly improved.

after the early training of police volunteers, the flag of the forbidden line, flag down the release command rhythmical action. No, the punishment for the traditional mandatory, volunteer role reversal, the flexible way of civilized persuasion, more likely to be acceptable to the public, is a profound ideological education for pedestrians and drivers.

sunshine people said, the volunteers civilized persuasion, travel more secure, more smoothly than before, also appealed to the public when no volunteer command, can do to comply with traffic rules, civilized travel.

it is understood that with comity zebra activities, people’s quality of civilization gradually high, the traffic police on duty told reporters, when a police guard on duty, the majority of people can consciously abide by traffic rules, for their safe travel, creating a great convenience. But there are also part of the public traffic consciousness, existence of non motor vehicles and pedestrians do not obey the traffic signal phenomenon, also hope that every citizen to form a good habit of traffic, and jointly safeguard the civilized and orderly traffic environment.

in the creation of the national civilized city, people will pay attention to the existence of a city uncivilized phenomenon. In the development of civilized traffic through persuasion activities, volunteer roles, to experience the importance of comity zebra, especially to human behavior recognition and praise the driver with a thumbs up like form, can form a benign interaction with the driver.

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