Open a restaurant must be a good account

now entrepreneurship is forming a boom. As the saying goes "backed by a good shade tree, in the eyes of many people, start to join a good brand to join the cost will be able to wait for the money, is this really the case?

if it is so simple, the market how there will be wind and fire for a while, and quickly close down "Epiphyllum shop"?

, "national agents invited to join us, the successful signing of minus 50 thousand yuan!" "99 thousand shop! Two years of net profit of 1 million!" Everywhere open, open, no chef, zero loss"…… The day before, in a "fair", the most popular is the variety of noodles and rice, Teppanyaki restaurant to join the project, not only try to come to consult the scene bursting, join the shop is in a continuous line of people.

as the saying goes "backed by a good shade tree". Join a brand management, what the restaurant recipes do not have to worry about, as long as pay several million fee and leave the reserve fund, "Zhaomaohuahu" will be able to wait for the money! Is that true? If it is so simple, the market how there will be wind and fire for a while, and quickly close down "Epiphyllum shop"?

wants to invest in

but full of worries

"watching others make money, he certainly was envious." Mr. Liu, 35 years old, although there is a stable job in Changchun, but a few thousand dollars a month there are signs of contraction. "This year, the unit efficiency is not good, want to do what I heard, to join a catering project threshold is relatively low, so I want to have a look to understand." Mr. Liu said.

jiamengfei less, just a few million yuan, or even free, more than three hundred thousand. This part of the investment budget, in Mr. Liu’s view, is not high, but also bear. However, although the threshold of food and beverage project is low, but all kinds of hotels across the door to the door, there is no fire, but also cold.

how to choose a more suitable for their own, but also to ensure that the project does not earn money? How to make a reasonable investment budget? How to avoid a "flower shop", try to avoid risks?…… These can not pay the initial fee when you can sit and walk away dispensers". Like Mr. Liu, many are interested in Entrepreneurship people so finked out.

how do you choose?

focus on brand life cycle old brand more credible

investment step by step, options are placed in the first place. If it is to join the restaurant chain, we must first look at how the brand influence, as far as possible to choose those mature, influential brands to join. "The follow-up service of the mature brand is more perfect