Wuhan was born in China’s first bio farming community created space

Chinese since ancient times is a large agricultural country, under a background of the agricultural development China society also attracted widespread attention of people recently, a space in Wuhan China first appeared the agricultural biological.


at the same time, the space gathering hundreds of agricultural experts online services, with rich resources of scientific and technological achievements and great achievements have the ability, training and coaching, investment driven and exchange activities and integrated business ecosystem services four functions, namely, relying on the Wuhan Agricultural College and the surrounding University biological research and education resources, provide the basis for a platform for innovation and entrepreneurship, professional business management consulting practice; with capital as the core and link aggregation, angel investors, investment institutions, relying on the platform to attract high-quality collection of entrepreneurial projects, to provide financing services for enterprises, improve the success rate of entrepreneurship; entrepreneurial ideas or projects held regularly publish, display, venture roadshow joint activities, business groups, sharing entrepreneurial experience, to create a business atmosphere; to provide basic financial counseling, training, recruit The basic service needs of the recruitment, management and policy application, legal advisers and even basic accommodation early start, to create a one-stop record recommendation