Physical therapy ten brands list

physiotherapy instrument is generally used for physical rehabilitation, therefore, the choice of a higher brand awareness, physical therapy effect will be better. For this reason, if you want to use the effect is better, you have to choose a higher brand industry visibility. So, let’s let you know the next small series of physiotherapy ten brand list, so that you can have a better understanding of the market.

equipment ten brands list NO.1, ZIWEIXING: national trademark protection, high-tech enterprises in Guangdong Province, China health association director unit, the leading brand of the health care industry, Guangdong ZIWEIXING Industry Co Ltd.

equipment ten brands list NO.2, Vivienne LD: national protection of trademark, famous trademark of Tianjin, high-tech enterprises, enjoy a high reputation of the brand of physiotherapy, Lide Lide Biological Technology Co. Ltd. (Tianjin).

equipment ten brands list NO.3, Zhou Lin spectrum: focus on bio spectrum technology R & D and manufacturing of medical equipment enterprises, brand-name products in Beijing City, high-tech enterprise, Beijing Zhou Lin Spectrum Technology Co. ltd..

equipment ten brands list NO.4, overseas core: professional development / production / sales of rehabilitation equipment enterprises, production demonstration base of Chinese medical equipment, Guangzhou Qiaoxin medical equipment technology development Co. ltd..

equipment ten brands list, NO.5 day Kang: Research / manufacturing / operation rehabilitation and physiotherapy equipment in one of the professional enterprises, technology in the field of rehabilitation physical therapy equipment leading enterprises, Beijing Kim Trading Co. ltd..

equipment ten brands list NO.6, Xiangyun: on 1985, a set of scientific research / production / sales as one of the joint-stock enterprises, the leading brand in the field of medium frequency electrotherapy equipment, Beijing sangdangsi Co. ltd..

equipment ten brands list NO.7, OMRON OMRON: Japan began in 1933, the national trademark protection, a large multinational group, pedometer industry well-known brands, OMRON healthcare (Chinese) Co. ltd..

equipment ten brands list, "NO.8 Greensea: specialized in medical equipment and health products research and development / production / sales of high-tech enterprises, well-known brand, Guangzhou Luhai medical appliance health care products Co. ltd..

equipment ten brands list, NO.9 is committed to: – three laser treatment instrument research and manufacture of specialized enterprises, high-tech enterprises, International Association designated health gifts, shoun (Beijing) medical equipment Co. Ltd.