Three aspects of the brand should pay attention to the understanding of the law of the eight

in the face of frustration in the workplace, many young people have embarked on the road of entrepreneurship, the choice of brand investment projects is an inevitable topic, but in the face of brand investment, how to select the favorite "she"? Let’s take a look at eight of the three laws that should be understood.

initial caution is very necessary, then, the two sides in the choice of the need to pay attention to what the problem?


three law of efficient investment

brand merchants according to the brand’s market positioning, product characteristics, channel characteristics to determine their own target group. On the basis of identifying the types of agents, to understand the strength and potential of the target agents.

three law of the 1 determine the target Merchants Group

brand should pay attention to their long-term development, the recruitment of agents to have the ability to operate the market, not as long as the money can become their agents. In addition, the relationship between the agent and the brand is to support each other’s relationship, is definitely not the brand mlm.

whether it is a growth brand or a mature brand, the number of agents entered into an area is limited. Therefore, in the minds of consumers in the image of the shop agent on behalf of the brand image. Once the agency is not doing well, it will lose the brand in the region’s market advantage. Although this is due to the personal reasons for the agents, but people will have doubts about the agent’s brand, the brand in order to re-enter the market is not so easy.

therefore, the brand, the investment is not good, not only the loss of agents, but a regional market. Brand in the investment, the choice of agents to be targeted, can not recruit agents, otherwise, will eventually be hurt.

three of the 2 law to know your franchisee

brands to recruit their own agents, has entered the era of precision investment. After the rapid development of the enterprise, the brand positioning and brand image will not be unified. Brand is also facing the same problem, enter the era of precision investment, not just the agent to choose the brand, the brand should be careful to choose agents. How to choose their own brand agents?

according to the relevant research and analysis, the domestic apparel industry terminal agents are divided into three categories, the first category is investment type, the second category is a hobby, the survival of the third.