Jiangxi juvenile open mobile shop shop

understanding of the flower shop, general stores are operating mainly, few people will think of micro-blog, WeChat group purchase, operating mode, and Jiangxi a 16 year old boy he thought of using the mobile Internet business development shop.

"mobile phone Internet now is very convenient, my classmates and friends have time staring at a mobile phone network, not simply can not live, we usually buy things with the mobile phone. If I have my own   mobile shop, customers can see through the phone directly to the flowers of our shop, plus our store is always engaged in activities, my flower shop business will be more popular…" When many of their peers are still keen on drawing, playing games,   this year; Zhang Junjie was just 16 years old high school students have a set of their own business network.

this year singles before the start of the two day, Zhang Junjie met the flower shop mobile phone traffic than usual increase several times, from a week ago, he has been busy will be tailored for the New Day flowers pictures, writing, shelves, according to friends of the traffic at the same time and the message, for their own shop stocking.

"most flowers are young, with humorous language network wrapping the meaning of flowers, the effect will be very good. We like the Little Daisy, Lily based friendship as a gimmick, even sell the unexpected good. And all of these are made of FERRERO ROCHER chocolate, we use some of the words’ eat you ‘is also very attractive. The protagonist certainly needs packaging rose out of new ideas, different colors of roses I used have different characteristics compared to the white rose is campus Belle, Tsinghua Campus Belle tea sister and yellow rose is yellow, red rose Wuhan campus belle is a group of famous drama as vermilion campus Belle Zhang Xinyuan." Speaking of his flowers, Zhang Junjie is always so.