What are the operating details of the women’s shop

What are the details of the

discount women’s shop? Many franchisees said the operator needs to grasp the details of the fact there are many, focus on the problem, to solve the main contradiction, will make the business more and more prosperous shop. Today Xiaobian summed up a few points, we want to help.

, a business must first adjust their mentality, don’t expect a huge industry, also be prepared to fail! Don’t think to find a store, into a batch of goods where every day will count the money, some people he worked really hard but may not be able to earn money, because market competition is too fierce! How much income, to look at the amount of investment income compared to the situation, don’t do something that is not in the same level compared to disrupt their own mood! The greater the investment, the greater the risk is, the greater the often return, certainly this sentence has his truth! It should be the same with the amount of investment to compare to the first step! Location is the most important clothing conditions, location will directly affect the turnover! According to the characteristics of products, select the appropriate lots in the sale is very important, do women’s discount We must choose in the crowded area, but this area is not certain sell high-grade goods area, this area often does not necessarily make a dense stream of people! A simple analogy, Hangzhou Crawford and intime department store is also in Yanan and two across the road, if the sale will be two in the mall today, Crawford with intime than without compare! Shanghai Parkson Paris spring with the same


1, women’s discount store, don’t think that cheap clothes, you can casually decorate the can, the overall image should be in place, the overall look is the brand store, the door marked advertising clear store sales price, let the people passing by at a glance what the shop sells! The renovation of old should spend money to get the customer’s psychology, are so poor decoration shop is sure to sell cheap goods, good decoration shop is selling expensive goods, to buy cheap goods is good value for money in the decoration shop! Otherwise, why should pay attention to the overall brand image? One important point, the same clothes hung in the different grades of the shops have different effects, not because of the whole image of their own clothes store affect grade, influence to the customer


2, lighting and other hardware equipment is also very important, if the store is not bright enough bore, give people the feeling is like going to the door! Night lamp must bright, suddenly can attract passing customers eye! Light can also make clothes more attractive, but different lights will have different effects, and is a clothing store with the most suitable, if all is cold (which is usually seen by the white light) although the shop is bright, but give commendation