How to improve children’s profit margins

children’s economy is public investment prospects, coupled with the release two-child policy choice, it is driven by the rise of children’s products and services. For investors, want to open a clothing store, it is necessary to master the know-how, such as how to quickly and accurately identify the children’s own children’s clothing brand positioning, the terminal stores membership maintenance and how to do holiday promotional activities and other issues.


live on how to open a store to do the preliminary market analysis on!, brand choice, decoration opening and so on, is divided into 11 elements: market analysis, shop location, brand choice, shop decoration, lighting, display, outdoor goods, publicity, opening, post, customer service service. Among them, the children’s wear market analysis, the choice of the brand, the shop holiday activities is the main content of this lesson.

below is the main content of live:

The analysis of consumer

1 market analysis: To summarize three characteristics: 1, we China consumers follow suit 2, Zhanxiaopianyi 3, aimianzi today’s consumers want something good and cheap, and want to, when we want to consume to send a small gift, including our own is this kind of


children’s clothing market analysis of children’s clothing and adult outfit is not the same, because the adult body is relatively slow, wearing a dress for one or two years, high visibility, good quality, the price can be sold on the price. The children long body fast, every season and a season to buy, buy more than one or two sets, repeated consumption is relatively high, but now every family has one or two children, now living conditions are improved, the parents of the child’s dress from the previous consumption to meet the pursuit of consumption now. As we have said before that the quality is good, the price is affordable, and now the children’s clothing market, not lack of ideas, lack of strategic deployment, no shortage of models, but the lack of cost-effective products.

business model analysis of multi brand portfolio shop more flexible, but the store display relatively messy, the quality is reliable, detrimental to the long-term development of the store, easy to let the customer think is brand-name business. For the store, need to purchase a combination of goods, because the brand, for inexperienced dealers, the combination of goods have a certain degree of difficulty, and there is no adjustable exchange, not to sell the goods on the tun.

brand children’s clothing to join: goods structure complete, reliable quality, brand style and price positioning is clear, its characteristic is the brand operation, manufacturers support store operation norms, profit margins stable, have a certain policy support.

2 store location: downtown street shop activity, the so-called land, a good store location affects a shop, the store set in this area, the large flow of people, the selective customer more natural, turnover will dash up the recommendation