Choose the first step is to choose the food business

what’s the first step when you’re ready to invest in a food and beverage program? Not passion, that is, as the saying goes, choice is more important than before, we are faced with a choice, often hidden behind a lot of success, let us know, it is very important to choose the catering industry.

as the franchisee’s appeal is actually the largest open investment funds safety, which is the risk assessment. How to choose a shade tree? This has become many investors confused? That is to say, the first step in catering business is nothing but choose


. Market size, development potential is much, the fast-food market for 7 consecutive years of rapid growth, the annual consumption exceeded two thousand billion.

two. To see whether the brand brand is loud, mature whether influential decision to end market start-up costs and development speed.

three. Look at the professional team is complete, practical experience is sufficient, not a fishing man is not to teach others fishing technology.

four. Standard and mode is mature, there is no strict procedures and standards can not be copied chain.

five. The service is in place, because the headquarters is a service system, only support in place, to join the store fast activity.

six. Planning is mature, there is no strategic vision of the enterprise not only pay attention to petty profits, focus on research and innovation, not blindly imitate the strategic planning, to talk about the market competitiveness of


seven. Look at the enterprise scale and organizational structure, some enterprises are 90% marketing, only 10% of people in operation. This is abnormal development, there is a problem, because marketing and operation must be reasonable allocation of resources. General marketing: operating =3:7.

eight. Look at the concept of corporate culture, the concept of the enterprise is not without good long-term development of power, only have excellent corporate culture bearing, enterprises can sustainable development.

? Through the introduction of the choice of the food and beverage industry, do you have more knowledge? Believe your choice, take action.

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