Fudan University open university students innovation and entrepreneurship activities

under the pressure of job hunting, more and more young people in the school immediately after the choice to join the entrepreneurial tide. What is the lack of young entrepreneurs? Not money, but technology and management experience. Therefore, college students need to take a variety of practice to make up for their deficiencies.

"for you" – "venture in Wujiaochang" and the new public enterprise show (Fudan special) will be held in Shanghai yesterday. This event is not only an important part of national innovation and public entrepreneurship peoples of Shanghai week "series of activities at the venue, but also will open the prelude of Fudan University first innovation entrepreneurship week.

it is reported that Fudan University has always attached great importance to the practice of improving the innovation ability of University students. Since 1998 the implementation of the "political project spinach beet", the school has launched the "look" and "Xiyuan" and "Denghui" student research project, formed a complete system, student research funding platform features and management model become an independent school. Over the past 17 years, the school has supported more than 3 thousand projects, more than 4000 undergraduate students involved. By virtue of the excellent scientific research strength, the school has 4 students won the National College Extracurricular Science and technology contest "Challenge Cup", "won the cup 6 times". Supported by Shanghai science and technology venture capital fund, a total of 170 student entrepreneurship projects funded by the fund, funded venture companies 130, the amount of funding of 15 million 680 thousand. So far, there are four companies registered capital of 10 million yuan, a company listed in the new version of the three.

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"venture in Wujiaochang" is the implementation of the strategy of innovation and entrepreneurship in Yangpu District, to a variety of business services to create a set of business consulting, project management, information dissemination, publicity, membership services as an information platform. Fudan University and Yangpu District people’s government cooperation, extensive integration of internal and external resources, in the next four days, will bring a wealth of business projects, students entrepreneurial experience sharing, entrepreneurial team CEO gathered in the Entrepreneurship Forum and other field activities for students of fudan.

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