Network card ten brands list

familiar with the computer should know that the quality of the network card, the use of the computer will have considerable influence. The card is the network components in data link layer, is connected with the computer interface and the transmission medium in the LAN, not only can realize the connection between the LAN and the physical transmission medium and the electrical signal, also relates to the sending and receiving of the frame, the packing and unpacking, medium access control, data encoding and decoding and data cache the function etc..

according to the physical layer standards supported by the network card and the host interface, the network card can be divided into different types, such as Ethernet and token ring network card. According to the network card and the bus connection on the motherboard, the network card transmission rate and the network card and the transmission medium interface is different, the network card is divided into different types. Here, let Xiaobian to analyze the network card ten brands, so that everyone in the industry has a more fully understanding of the brand.

card ten brand ranking NO.1:Intel Intel (founded in the United States in 1968, the world’s largest chip supplier, the microprocessor / chipset / board / system and software technology giant, Intel (China) Limited)

card ten brand list: NO.2 Pulian TP-Link (high tech enterprise, one of the few domestic companies that have completely independent R & D and manufacturing capabilities of the company of Shenzhen city TP-Link Technology Co Ltd)

card ten brand list: D-Link D-Link NO.3 (in 1986, the global wireless network ten brands, international professional network equipment and solutions provider, large network equipment manufacturers, the world listed company, D-Link group)

card ten brand list: Tengda NO.4 Tenda (development, is committed to Chinese network industry the first domestic R & D and production of router and wireless products business, Shenzhen Jixiang Tengda science and Technology Co Ltd)

card ten brand list: Netcore Netcore (NO.5 is committed to providing end-to-end data network for worldwide communication network operators and enterprise user solutions, Shenzhen Netcore Industrial Co., Ltd.)

card ten brands list NO.6:Broadcom (Broadcom began in 1991 in the United States, one of the world’s larger communication leading semiconductor companies, technology innovation, the beauty of Broadcom communication technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.)

card ten brands list NO.7:Emulex Yimeilaisi (one of the world’s leading enterprise servers and storage vendor fibre channel connection industry leader, Yimeilaisi (>