Martial arts store to open martial arts market

Department of martial arts dramas, allow people to have a strong interest in learning martial arts, martial arts training, martial arts classes in various training institutions are everywhere, thus blowing through the national martial arts craze, the martial arts business supplies, good market prospects.

Shanghai "Wu Yuantang" opened in 2002, with manufacturing and development to design, the registered brand, in the industry have a certain reputation. Wu Yuantang for professional and amateur athletes from the R & D game clothing, clothing to creative martial arts training, martial arts enthusiasts for martial arts and martial arts clothing, T-shirts hand-painted products, sales of clothing and other equipment to complete the martial arts.

Analysis of

The first is

A, martial arts in the propaganda media industry depends mainly on the promotion and sponsorship of various martial arts competitions, martial arts activities to establish reputation. "Wu Yuantang" and Shanghai’s largest martial arts comprehensive portal has close cooperation, in its own official website, also be the product pictures, a detailed list, so that customers can browse and compare the pre. Secondly, the martial arts hall for the size of the martial arts competition to provide clothing, through the event to advertise their products.