360 vendors have been questioned the software is most likely to be kidnapped Trojans

Oriental Morning Post News in the 360 active monitoring QQ privacy at the same time, the 360 as a security vendor professional questioned the sound is also rising.

October 12th, Kingsoft security center high-risk Trojan broadcast shows that a 360U disk protection, the use of 360 vicious Trojan software housekeeper and the rapid spread of major security vulnerabilities of the 360 anti-virus. The digital signature using the Trojan 360 security guards official to avoid other anti-virus software, and 360 official failed to timely repair loopholes.

Jinshan subsequently released in October 14th 2010 "Kingsoft security report" pointed out that the development trend of Trojan horse, the most destructive trojan in 2010 new is "kidnapping Trojan", 360 related software are most vulnerable to Trojan kidnapping.

world’s top security vendor Kabasiji 360 in the new virus super factory event to deceive and mislead users angry.


statement released in 13, said, "such as the 360 non professional security companies, there is no corresponding technology and capacity in the first time to intercept Stuxnet, not the Stuxnet virus make such malignant deep and rational analysis, is understandable. But,…… 360 of the speech is easy to make a lot of ordinary users believe that the installed capacity of the 360 can be similar to the ‘super factory’ such a vicious virus."

Kabasiji worried that if the long-term tolerance of such cheating users, regardless of the fact that false propaganda spread in the security industry, then the whole of China’s Internet security situation will deteriorate further".

on the same day, the authority of the professional security forum Kafan network announced "today banned 360 antivirus software to test", the reason is that the 360 "distorted Kafan test scores in the slobber war, bring serious adverse effects to the fairness of the meal".