What website operations (1)

with the development of the Internet industry, basically all areas of separatist warlords. Jump out of a small company, the final development of the site has not a few. Chinese Internet users more and more critical, more and more platforms, choose more and more widely used. Now there is a word to describe the trend of the new site "small and beautiful". As a newcomer to the Internet, in an instant, the editor has become more than a year of operation. Established a small and beautiful site, there is a small but beautiful team, and a group of small and beautiful friends. 2012 has already begun, the festival atmosphere gradually receded, struggle more and more concentrated flavor. How many on the Internet like the author of the half white from the "Li Taibai", slowly immersed in the Internet fade, dyeing, adhere to, give up. As a new start, and to commemorate the past days, it is to talk about what the site operations.

The boss of

type of thought, like working odd jobs

to promote, to content, to management, to maintain, to profit, to optimize. Stand in the boss height, working with the same person. The operation of the site covers all aspects of the need to consider the overall perspective of the development of the site. First of all, from the boss’s point of view to plan the site.

includes a website from scratch planning: determine the website domain name, a domain name or two domain names, from the perspective of Chinese read fluently in English, and so on, Larry? Digital? Website domain name is confirmed, you should not change easily. Do Chinese site should consider the characteristics of Chinese spoken, such as straight fight, jiaju= furniture or home. COM domain name is usually more in line with the user’s memory habits.

site type, the type of site needs to be determined from its own resources, positioning and demand. First of all, we should consider the extent to which the resources can be achieved, such as money, manpower and time. For example, the door to do the door of the site, in addition to the industry portal is also a bit outside the head, a large integrated portal has not engaged in the head, and the general company but can not afford to. To determine the operating mode from the location, resources, information station station, for example, everyone in the film, the type of site wasn’t responsible, based on content sharing as the foundation, with the most basic forum open source program can still be very good. From the demand point of view, you can more clearly locate the site type, non-profit, network sales, enthusiasts groups, etc.. For example, in recent years, the status of domestic e-commerce was sprayed wells, many brands and industries are targeting online shopping consumer groups, such as e-commerce platform to enter Taobao. Thus spawned a lot of Taobao store operations specialist.

site positioning, site positioning is mainly refers to the establishment of the site’s content and operational positioning. First, the need to determine what to do and what not to do. As mentioned earlier, the development of the site is now in the direction of small and beautiful. For example, the famous foreign image sharing site Pinterest, focus on image sharing, rather than document sharing. After determining the location of the content, it is necessary to attract the audience through the content or product, and through the realization of these