Adsense network broadcast Win10 officially listed firm, the fallen forum, okay

1.Win10 officially listed Win7/8.1 sync free upgrade  

today is the new Microsoft operating system Win10 of the big day, July 29th Beijing time zero, Win10 push fully open, Win7, Win8 users can free upgrade to Win10 from zero today, users can upgrade the system or computer housekeeper etc. Tencent to upgrade to Win10, the retail version will be on sale in August 30th.

this update using the background silent push the way, the system will automatically generate $Windows.~BT disk hidden folder and download the update installation package, the download is complete, you can follow the prompts to complete the update. After the completion of the upgrade update, the system will automatically generate Windows.old folder, if not satisfied with the Win10 or not accustomed to the operating experience of Win10, you can still roll back to the old version.

2 single month subsidy super giant tongue on the war has just begun

"half, into my shop to sell takeaway software faster through threshold." North Sanhuan a Yang Guofu Mala boss Mr. Zhao some helpless, let him have to takeaway software can not remember the name, although his shop only about ten square meters. This store cashier, has been filled with 4 takeaway print order terminal, can not put more than one, which is also the main reason for the boss refused to access the other 10 takeaway software.

crowded behind the cashier, the takeaway market is about to usher in a new round of war. Yesterday, Ali announced a high-profile entry takeaway, previously after Ma Alibaba number two, Cai Chongxin is also the first time to the stage, as chairman of word-of-mouth network. From the recently completed financing, Baidu takeaway high beauty group set up to store division action, between the big takeaway war escalated, fierce burn subsidies or will become the next taxi software".

3 electricity supplier, the first unit of Mcglaughlin delisting vertical electricity supplier is dead?  

Mcglaughlin announced delisting from the United states.

listed in the U.S. stock market delisting tide continues. July 21st, known as China’s electricity supplier first shares, Mcglaughlin announcement, announced that its board of directors has received a preliminary non binding offer from Nanjing business network and LeadingCapital issued. Mcglaughlin said, intends to $4 /ADS price, or $0.114 / share price recovery of the outstanding shares of Mcglaughlin.

Mcglaughlin is a representative of the domestic electricity supplier camp vertical electricity supplier. It announced the delisting, the market generally questioned the vertical electric business has come to a dead end when. But there are different voices said: "said vertical class electricity supplier will be a comprehensive electricity supplier and left, is exaggerated. In fact, like, the wind.