618 does not increase the volume of orders against Jingdong

layman to watch, experts see road. 618 Jingdong as one of the most important marketing node, this year’s performance does not seem to be released by the beautiful.


according to the data released by the Jingdong, in the most important festival of the year the 618 this year, 16 hours only 15 million single, the industry forecast to 24 million all day long, but Tmall in 2015 double 11 period, the Jingdong completed 20 million single 17 hours, more than 32 million single all day long. 618 sales did not rise on the day of the decline, Jingdong in 618 home, sales and even lost in the last two years away from the situation in the eleven.

also known as the Jingdong to promote future GMV growth of the first category of clothing, compared with last year during the double eleven Jingdong clothing category Home Furnishing orders exceeded 13 million single orders, became the largest category, this year 618, Jingdong clothing no data disclosed, only the CEO Shen Haoyu told reporters in response to sales the data of this year clothing category has improved, but not too high, the seasonal factors, 11 would be more suitable for clothing sales.

in the consumer and business groups, 618 as a Jingdong created electricity supplier Festival, did not seem to completely lit up people’s shopping enthusiasm, and do not say that you like double eleven to panic buying even all through the night, the sun circle of friends are numbered, and announced the day of play and sales of digital businesses is less rare, difficult to see the Jingdong in 618 seems to have retired. So the question is, Jingdong in the end how?

capital chain shortage, promotional efforts become smaller

April 24th, the Jingdong announced that it will issue $1 billion of corporate bonds, including $500 million due in 2021, the rate is 3.125%; another $500 million is due in 2026, interest rate of 3.875%, these corporate bonds according to the 1933 "American Securities Law" registered in Singapore stock exchange. No matter before Liu Qiangdong how to apologize, but the Jingdong issuing corporate bonds finally make this platform appliance business demand for capital worries thoroughly surfaced.

public data show that the current Jingdong in addition to the electricity supplier business losses of two pieces of business are: Jingdong finance and Jingdong home, and these are the need to continue to invest in the capital of the two. In the financial Jingdong as an example, according to the Tencent technical data compiled by the financial Jingdong before 2015 three quarter loss of 677 million yuan, the net loss rate was 53.8%. In this year, Jingdong also issued $1 billion of corporate bonds, the extent of its funding can be imagined.

shortage of capital chain, will inevitably affect the Jingdong’s 618 promotional efforts this year. From my observation of several popular products, the apparent reaction of Jingdong compared to previous promotional efforts significantly smaller. Such as: Galanz/ Galanz XQG60-Q712, TP-LINK >