Hundreds of websites jointly issued copyright self declaration

Beijing January 20, "take measures in accordance with the technical industry recognized standards, to prevent the occurrence of infringement; the establishment of the Internet industry information sharing mechanism for mutual assistance, to prevent malicious litigation and unfair competition……" 20, the domestic website jointly issued the "China’s Internet industry copyright self declaration" (hereinafter referred to as the "Declaration"), from the source to reduce network piracy behavior.

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, this declaration is initiated by a number of domestic websites, by the State Copyright Bureau, the Beijing Municipal Copyright Bureau, as well as the copyright association to guide and coordinate the formation of a total of 10.

Deputy director of

Chinese Copyright Association President Zhang Xiuping said, "the basic principles of the Declaration" the first is to comply with copyright laws and regulations, abide by the provisions on the administration of the Internet industry, the content is not too high to be reached, but also need to pay some effort to achieve. If the site can achieve its commitment, our Internet industry will be able to healthy development on the road to genuine.

according to statistics, in 2009, a nationwide implementation of the 3130 key sites active supervision, copyright administrative law enforcement departments at all levels and the public security, the Ministry is investigating the network infringement cases 558, shut down 375 illegal websites, ordered to take to remove or shield infringing content temporary enforcement measures 556 times, a total of 1337500 yuan fine, confiscation of 163 servers. In addition, the transfer of 25 cases of suspected criminal cases to the judiciary.

attached: China’s Internet industry copyright self declaration, the full text is as follows:

in order to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of copyright and related rights and interests, and promote the healthy development of the Internet industry, safeguard social and public interests, especially on behalf of the Internet industry to the community to do the following self declaration:

, Internet companies should assume corresponding social responsibility, conscientiously abide by the publicity, the national copyright laws and related policies against piracy, protect the legitimate rights and interests, safeguard the orderly and healthy development of the Internet industry.

two, adhere to the principle of obtaining permission to use the work, not in any way dissemination of works without the permission of the copyright owner.

three, to strengthen the supervision and management of Internet users to upload works, suggesting that users are not allowed to upload other people’s work, to prevent the use of other units of the information network platform for violations of copyright infringement.

four, actively take measures to meet the industry recognized standards, to prevent the occurrence of infringement. For by the administrative department of copyright notice, the unauthorized dissemination of the work shall notify the executive agencies listed in this declaration, technical measures should be taken to restrict users to upload; for in the screening schedule, during the hit film technical measures should be taken to restrict users from.

five, in violation of the service agreement, do not listen to advice, the number of illegal acts carried out by the user, to take measures to remove the relevant information, stop service and other measures to stop, and report to the competent authorities.

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