The first case of electricity supplier return fraud Jingdong was 700 return fraud

Guangzhou police seized items. Information Times reporter Xiao Jianing photo

information times (reporter correspondent Yang Nanxiang Zhang Yitao) yesterday, Guangzhou police held a press conference briefing, Luogang police recently cracked a series of cases of fraud Jingdong mall by. The gang crime in the city more than 700 cases, involving more than 770 thousand yuan, the police have arrested the suspects, seized a fake hard disk 205, and a number of tools of crime. It is understood that this is the first case of the police cracked the case of electricity supplier return fraud.

received returned goods was fake

in the first half of 2014, Jingdong one after another in various parts of the country to receive a variety of models of the same brand of hard disk goods return demands. Jingdong arranged for the user to return processing, and will return all the hard drive back to the manufacturers to detect goods. The business test results make people be startled at all hard plants, back are fakes.

Jingdong for the purchase of hard disk users conducted a special investigation in Wuhan, Beijing, Shenyang, Xi’an, Guangzhou and other 12 cities have found a single customer online shopping with the same hard disk behavior. These customers in the receipt of goods after the application to return, and without exception, the goods are returned back to the manufacturers identified as fake and shoddy goods.

Jingdong through the background system and data analysis, in October 2014, Jingdong mall Guangzhou branch to report to the Luogang branch.

online shopping hard Diaobao after return

Identify the

Luogang branch, 80 Lin × strong (male, Guangdong Chaozhou people) after graduating from high school, came to Guangzhou to help people working in the shop, then quit looking for shortcuts on the Internet, get rich. He accidentally learned that Jingdong mall online transaction returns model, the germination of false fraud fraud. He came to high school classmate Lin ×, Lin × and his girlfriend Chen × green, younger brother Lin × Feng pull in.

is the first of the gang in Guangzhou Tianhe computer accessories second-hand market, or a large well-known shopping site, at the price of 50 yuan to 80 yuan, buy fake data in the hard disk and other computer accessories, and then to the Jingdong mall single purchase value of 599 yuan to 1399 yuan of similar goods, and through the third party fast money payment payment. After the receipt of the goods, the gang through paste anti-counterfeiting labels, the genuine goods and counterfeit goods package, with the "problem" product quality is not good or use grounds, will be returned to the fake business, profit from. The counterfeit goods from the appearance, size is no different from the genuine goods, a high degree of simulation. The gang of 300 yuan to 1000 yuan price, the genuine goods sold second-hand computer accessories market.

more than the country to act as buyers

September 2013, the gang has been in Wuhan, Beijing, Shenyang, Xi’an and Guangzhou and other cities 700 crimes, involving more than 77 yuan. Police investigators said