University BBS closed many popular low profile by micro-blog and SNS impact

network forum, the protagonist into a supporting role?

recently, BBS of Fudan University (BBS) "Sun Guanghua" news, 66 pages were included in the study because of the low popularity list is closed. At the same time, under the micro-blog, the social networking site "encirclement and suppression", Shanghai Jiaotong University, Tongji University BBS station number is no longer daily million grand. In this regard, their "green" years of recollection in former BBS fans at the same time, there was a "micro-blog fire, BBS is dead" feeling. As one of the most popular applications of China’s Internet, BBS really can not do it?

BBS dead?

still has nearly 30% Internet users to use, but the influence has declined

College BBS because of low popularity and off version has been a phenomenon. In a few years ago when BBS hot, but also often appear." Tsinghua University BBS "SMTH" senior user, now Dr. He Wei at Beijing Normal University digital media think, "this could be a mechanism to eliminate the use of managers, hoping to use this method to make the layout more dynamic, the limited resources can be better use."

according to the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) released this year, the twenty-eighth China Internet development statistics report shows that BBS is still the forefront of China’s Internet application. As of June 2011, BBS coverage reached 144 million 50 thousand in the forum, users still have the utilization rate of 29.7%, while compared with last statistics, the use rate fell by 2.8%, but there were no user loss, "BBS is dead" signs.

in people’s deputy director of the community network of the Ministry of Xiao Hong, the main use of BBS group of colleges and universities is willing to pursue fashion students, so by the new application of micro-blog network such as the impact of the more obvious, "the forum users are mostly over 30 years of age, for their political interest, with a high degree of loyalty, or these users" like the new and old but not’."

, however, BBS’s decline is an indisputable fact. A few years ago, "Sister Lotus", "angel MM" web forum have appeared, "she saves mother", "Steamed Buns murder", "cat abuse incident" and other hot hot BBS, BBS distributed in the news "Mengliao" to. But now, the Jocie Guo incident and other hot topics first appeared on micro-blog.

from the beginning of 2010, which is called the first year of the Chinese micro-blog, BBS in the hot news exposure has begun to weaken the function of the Internet users broke the news preferred micro-blog." Research Center of Shanghai Jiao Tong University professor Xie Yungeng director of media economy and management major has been engaged in social public opinion, "last year we of the 20 major events are analyzed, micro-blog exposure events accounted for 11, has become the first choice for the network broke the news. In the first three quarters of this year, we