White collar death blog two site compensation derailed husband

at the beginning of this year, a woman named Jiang Yan in his blog to record her husband’s extramarital affairs after the incident had jumped Dutch act, caused a sensation on the Internet, netizens have even issued a "network warrant" wanted by the young woman’s husband.

yesterday (18 may), the court of Beijing City, Chaoyang District, Jiang Yan’s husband sued the website to infringe upon the right of reputation of the case to make a judgment, the website was sentenced to infringement of two.

earlier this year, 31 year old Jiang Yan in his blog records of her husband’s infidelity, from the second floor of the home to commit suicide by jumping off the ground in the 24. After Jiang Yan’s death, her blog was posted to the Internet forum. The netizens who launched the human flesh search, Jiang Yan’s husband, Faye Wong and the three East of the personal information published in the public. Since then, the storm intensified on the network, users of Faye Wong’s home address, work units, a series of personal information and personal information on the internet. Under pressure from public opinion, in January 11, 2008, the company where Faye Wong issued a statement, said the company decided to suspend the work of the women who were alleged to be the name of the work of the third. Subsequently, Faye Wong told the court v. " the migratory birds fly north, ", " ", " banner network; " online Tianya three; related website defamation, ask the site to stop infringement, apology, and compensation for lost wages and mental damages 135 thousand yuan.


trial, Faye Wong’s lawyer said the three defendants in the site, the article published in the rock is called ginger, because the plaintiff was the attitude has not buried, these are distorted the facts, the plaintiff is slander.

plaintiff agent: Jiang Yan’s father said, is not necessarily true.

That is not true of the

Faye Wong think, from the basic Jiang Yan sister article, but after the accident, Jiang Yan’s sister will recall all articles published in the "north of migratory birds fly" on this website, the banner network also produced a special show, progress of events, and to Jiang Yan and sister some netizens article link.

migratory birds fly north site agent: "because the plaintiff not loyal to the cause of marriage, his wife Jiang Yan Dutch act on the event, statements and evaluation is the civil rights endowed by law, does not constitute a violation of the evaluation and the character of the right of reputation."

China’s "Internet information services management approach" and "Internet electronic bulletin service management regulations", the Internet information service providers shall provide good services to Internet users, and to ensure that the information provided is legal. No person shall publish any information in an electronic bulletin board service system that contains an insult or slander others, infringe upon the lawful rights and interests of others. Where an electronic bulletin service provider finds that any of the information contained in the electronic bulletin service system that appears to be of such information shall be deleted immediately, the relevant records shall be kept and shall be reported to the relevant authorities of the state.

court believes that the birds fly to the north of the site administrator