After the legalization of the net from the car to share the essence of the economy seems to be getti

first financial technology Zhao Chenting

reporter Zhao Chenting from Beijing

is located in the vicinity of Beijing North six ring residents, when 2012 also feel less, "black taxi expensive" travel difficult problem, now they have to travel under the thumb of happiness. They can not only use mobile phone at any time service attitude in general good car call downstairs, but also in driving the occasion, close by its direction and several "passengers", in exchange for travel cost reduction.

motor vehicles are shared, dumplings can also be shared. In a media practitioners in Beijing Wangjing area, the ancestral craft is surrounded by many dumplings originally unfamiliar people praise, but also because a mobile phone Internet technology called "family kitchen" promotion.

2010, in San Francisco, the United States appeared on the network about car rental. In 2011, in Paris, France also appeared in this industry. 2012, relying on mobile Internet technology to share the economic form came to China, and then its genes are copied, constantly variant and spread so far. In addition to the North Guangzhou Shenzhen and other cities, this form has even entered a relatively closed economy in rural china. The content is not only more traffic, accommodation, medical, education, Everything is contained therein. tourism, catering and other services in the field of life, and can even infinite imagination.

but since the emergence of these new things, the controversy continues, legal or illegal, regulatory bottom line where the problem has become the core issue.

from the regulatory gray domain and the net fight about the car why to be legalized? The "legalization" what does it mean to


solve the taxi difficult also contributed to the employment of

statistics show that in 2014 the global market share of the economy reached $15 billion. By 2025, this figure will reach $335 billion, an annual compound growth rate of 36%.

share of this round of economic wave, travel market is currently the most thorough reform.

The birth of mobile travel applications with Uber,

drops as the representative of the success of personal mobile travel market entrepreneurs still enjoy in a very short period of time will move the whole industry for 3 years, 5 years or even 10 years of victory.

University Professor, Peking University in law and Economics Research Center, CO director Xue Zhaofeng said, looking back over the past two years, a very surprising phenomenon is that the past has complained about the difficult problem of taxi suddenly be solved. The taxi is not only the problem of big cities in China, but also the problem of many large cities in the world. "I think that no matter what kind of policy implementation, what kind of way, must cherish the achievements, we should see multiple trips to better meet the public requirements, should not go back to the past taxi difficult."

in addition to the car business, in the past two or three years.