Baidu Google popular keywords (3.13) to see the webmaster


pictured on March 13, 2008 Baidu and Google’s fastest rising keywords ranking. You do feel after watching? I am a new webmaster what technology do not understand, barely a super garbage station, said the station is not how I feel embarrassed.


introduced above, I first talk about my station, the "battlefield" Airi I this station last September, on the eve of the Spring Festival, Baidu and Google have included normal. During the Spring Festival to take care less, see some technical articles in Baidu keyword list in selected keywords as their website before ten in the webmaster online, flow rate up to more than and 900, it’s hard to believe. But in a few days Baidu actually gave me to K. You help me find a solution.

past things do not want to mention, but Baidu has not included my station. Or talk about the topic: About Baidu and Google, as I quite admire. But after they admire began to feel too stingy, not take care of us some of the underlying network users or the small station is more appropriate. Select the title in stationmaster net popular keywords, and then input the word Baidu search, a 117.5 page, although mixed, but we can see that as the head of the US on his Baidu is very concerned. At present, Baidu do what? It is said that he is behind us? Just said, I do not quite understand the situation. As early as a few years ago, I do not know who his name I forgot, this man set up anti Baidu union station, traffic was once more than 100 thousand. I don’t want to say anything about it, for fear of Baidu’s loyalty to K. In fact, I am only a neutral. Say again Google, also in the webmaster nets after the popular keyword input Google, or Google, Google out of 132, Google out of the, it seems that Google is more popular with everyone, this I don’t care. Who is not important, it is important that you can give us these small webmaster how much income flow. Webmaster, Baidu, Google in the final analysis is only in the use of each other, but why is our small webmaster get rid of it? Is it just because we are small, NO, because we do not unite.

1 million 500 thousand sites, I would like to know how many webmaster, why don’t we set up an alliance, a free alliance. A true socialist union. Figure Wang take your influence to do some things, we can also be a small webmaster called a timely communication tool hello. Compared to Baidu HI QQ, I think we love more webmaster said QQ is on a few words, I admire Ma Huateng in addition to misappropriating means, basically do not want to mention him. But I was very rogue to send money to him. I think life is really like Baidu to all he found, as well as Google like QQ The climate does not suit one., crazy cloning. Speak >