Electricity supplier website goods should pay attention to upload

why many e-commerce sites and some businesses millions of monthly sales, have no sales, for many reasons, which can not be ignored is the commodity upload, many people think that the goods will simply upload upload goods so simple, so easy, in fact, here to pay attention to a more local. For example, the following problems, you have caught


spend tens of thousands to buy the system, can not be familiar with the site system?

professional photographers to shoot products, but no one will upload to the system?

has electricity supplier operations team can PS level is almost zero?

upload goods of different styles after


too many goods, a few months later failed to all shelves?


HiShop commodity upload service outsourcing, efficient, experienced enough, the effect is good, strong team. Complete 100 items within 7 days, professional operation team, fine division Peigemoqi, coherent, unified image size, uniform style, tall on the site so reflected. There is a higher value-added services: Mall basic settings, payment methods, distribution methods set up, mall home settings. The most important aspects of commodity upload are as follows.

1, commodity classification

commodity classification is one of the important ways for users to find goods, so do a good job classification, to the customer’s experience is also good. A good classification of goods must be consistent with the user site browsing system, allowing users to quickly find the goods they need.

2, picture unified style

picture size uniform, uniform background color, unified picture style, so that the site to form a unified style, improve user experience. The user first come to your website, the first is certainly look at the overall comfort, beautiful is beautiful, if consistent, the entire site picture style LOGO, color collocation good, also can promote the user’s desire to buy, so that the picture of the unified style optimization is very important, can not be ignored.

3, Title Optimization

commodity Title note, the title to include the name English product brands, refined product specifications and features of the main products, this one is easy to read, more important is the search engine "taste", the user input the key word in the search box, search engines will crawl in the background all contain the keywords of commodity information, and if your commodity title contains the keyword, your goods will be the search engine is shown to the customer, improve the flow of the shop greatly, bring sales. So the title should be as far as possible to highlight the characteristics of the product, function, and so on, do a good job title optimization will enable more customers to find goods.

4, product details

product details page to a large extent