The annual meeting will be over 2500 nternet entrepreneurs emerge in the past 90

2010 the fifth annual meeting of the Chinese Internet owners ( will be held in Beijing in May 29th, the annual meeting of the owners will be enthusiastic attention.

from the organizers Comsenz Department learned that by the end of May 11th, the annual meeting of the registration staff has more than 2500 years, which will feature online application has reached 2036, once again exceeded expectations will have the number of years.

it is understood that the conference participants have the following characteristics: wide participation, applicants almost covers 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions; young, there are a lot of 90 entrepreneurs on the website, indicates that they have gradually become an important power station, quietly on the stage of the Internet; diversification, government officials, academics, media practitioners, occupation managers, grassroots entrepreneurs, students, risk investment companies will gather together to perfect grand opening; cross platform, in addition to members of the Internet industry in addition, from the mobile Internet industry participants are also very much.

in order to better serve for the participants, the annual meeting of the organizing committee is expected in the next step will focus on the annual meeting of the preparatory work, and online registration work will stop this weekend (May 15th) officially ended. At present, the first batch of nearly 1000 annual meeting invitations and tickets will be mailed in May 12th.

and the past four sessions, the theme of this year’s annual meeting of the Internet owners, with a focus on the future trend, close to the reality of the distinctive features of the hot. Many participants, experts around the Internet entrepreneurs will gather in Beijing to discuss in the context of the new Internet environment, how to realize the "self change crossover practice green growth".

"in this emerging industry on the Internet today, the station just as thirty years ago, the beginning of reform and opening up of the self-employed, private owners, is the most energetic and is the first to enter the field of population. Short term difficulties and obstacles can not stop the pace of development of China’s Internet, the real difficulty is whether we have the confidence and courage to face the suffering." Comsenz President Dai Zhikang believes that the majority of Internet entrepreneurs and webmasters should look at short-term with rational vision difficulties and long-term development prospects, based on self change attitude in the face of everything.

the laggards community founder Dong Qinfeng said, all the webmaster should unite together, hold together for warmth, mutual cooperation and help overcome difficulties. He encouraged the webmaster to overcome the difficulties in their own experience: "out of date for nine years, the middle have encountered many difficulties, including the attack, was shut down, I never give up, I really hope the webmaster stand together."

as the top event of Internet entrepreneurs in 2010, the annual meeting has also been supported by hundreds of media from all over the country.

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