WeChat application officially open an open WeChat is already on the road

last night, WeChat unveiled a long-awaited application number mysterious veil – small program. This could be WeChat’s most important product this year.


small program to obtain the name of this actually means. One is revealing a human temperament conform to no conventional pattern, harmless "technology curtilage"; the two is "small" is also very clear, this product is different from the general APP.

WeChat officially announced the end of the small program related details, many people have pointed out that the small program will be a threat to a large number of APP. But from the current details of these published, we can see that WeChat is actually giving developers more in front of the user faceless. The point is that WeChat is not involved in new features, but their ability to give more developers.

1, a small program does not conflict with apple rules.

over the past few years, WeChat benefit from the mobile Internet dividends, grew up in iOS and Android two platforms, is already the premier super APP. Although WeChat is also a platform for application level, but also must comply with the iOS and Android system platform required for application of rules, in other words platform has applied to all the reins. WeChat such a huge amount of user products, will not take the slightest risk to challenge Apple’s rules. Believe me, WeChat knows the rules of apple more than anyone else.

the past two years, known as the technology industry, the Spring Festival Gala Apple conference, Tencent products exposed very frequent. For example, last year when Apple released the first Watch Apple heavyweight product, WeChat is as a key application was demonstrated at the conference; just past the iPhone7 conference, Tencent has also been touted the safety steward. Because Apple knows that their biggest market in China, and the application of Tencent has the largest user groups. IOS if abandoned WeChat, a large number of users will inevitably flock to Android, which is apple would not like to see.

so, the relationship between Tencent and Apple will only get better and better, neither side will challenge this relationship. Platform and platform applications to promote each other, this relationship is actually a very good model.

2, WeChat’s purpose is not to do the application market.

small program this product form, not the first WeChat. A few years ago, Baidu had launched a light application, which includes UC, pea pods and other browsers and applications market, have tried to launch this feature, but basically no one can make this thing.

these products are not in order to achieve a certain level of users, the platform is often one-sided passion, but developers did not get much benefit from it. At that time, the market environment, application market has not yet started or has just begun integration, at least yet significant decline, so developers will not.