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webmaster and YAHOO China game

It should be said to be

and Ali in the game, but I don’t intend to give Ali to do publicity, but would not say, Ali group or Taobao, or what the mom, the bird, the fate of the future owners, worthy of our consideration.

advertising can not change the fate of personal webmaster

open YAHOO China’s home page, YAHOO service is the first of the world, everyone optimistic about the YAHOO service, not the Chinese YAHOO service.


is Yang Zhiyuan’s board of directors, YAHOO and Microsoft are talking about with things, although previously Microsoft has to step back on the grounds that the unilateral termination of mergers and acquisitions of YAHOO and Chinese… This… "Webmaster" anything, seems to see through.

although Baidu has Baidu Union, Google has Google AdSense, but for the webmaster, through the so-called advertising can get rich webmaster?

of course, which led by Ma Ali mother has become a "third" to plug a foot, relatively fixed owners, but also a lot of the cost of the owners, the owners are not so rich.

change the words, which Taobao said for example, a user may indeed developed by Taobao, and even tax evasion, but why Taobao does not take the initiative to assist tax? Be the responsibility of the user, as Taobao shop no responsibility? In the life of the United States, and seemed to be the generation of tax. But Taobao earned a turnover is poor, is the big head, the user also back on charges of tax evasion.

, like most users of Taobao does not make money, most of the webmaster is tighten their belts. If the record included, for the owners of the service can take the initiative, enthusiastic, systematic service, then it is really urgent to solve the people!

webmaster way out thinking: look forward to venture capital concern

Chinese "Google"? Like hao123.com by the station is still not get a better price, the acquisition of Baidu; 265.com is after operation the result is now a Google bag, "from the ICP card and B2-20070004 words" can be seen.

is China’s webmaster can grow up really difficult?

rumors Ali recently acquired PHPWind, and PHPWind founder Wang Xue was denied Ali mother acquisition…… anyway, at least let PHPWind see the dawn before dawn. As to whether the game is Qihoo and YAHOO, this is something.

Chinese millions of individual owners, there is no investment value? As an important capital of Baidu, Google, Ali, although not in the earthquake relief in China, but for the rise of the Internet, for the development of the webmaster, is not the olive branch


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