Daily topic China Telecom jointly launched NetEase can easily shake WeChat

station network (www.admin5.com) August 20th news yesterday morning, China Telecom and NetEase held a press conference, announced that the two sides together to create IM (instant messaging) tool "easy" on the line, which means that the two sides will work together to challenge WeChat, OTT and WeChat, the market will also form a Fetion, easecredit competition situation, the user will have more choices.

China Telecom and NetEase said easecredit focused on the essence of communication, there are three main features, including the real phone number, mail list based on the relationship between the social, more real, has the cross network free SMS, free phone messages and other unique features, but also with the telephone exchange.

data show that in 2012 the domestic mobile IM market size will reach 20 billion yuan. For the three major telecom operators, the gradual rise of data service, let the voice, SMS, MMS and other traditional business challenge. Mobile IM become the current mobile Internet era of competition and the need to launch a major strategic product, its importance has been self-evident.

Ding Lei said in an interview, NetEase hopes this mode of cooperation with the operator, as well as a better product experience, to break the current Tencent in the field of mobile social networking in the relative monopoly pattern of WeChat. Ding Lei said, in addition to China Telecom, NetEase will also be a few months later with China Unicom, China Mobile to take the initiative to expand the scale of easy letter. WeChat’s dominance, as well as its closed loop characteristics, for other Internet service providers, is a particularly panic thing." Ding Lei said. Ding Lei said, including the NetEase news client, cloud and reading service NetEase in the open content source to WeChat, but WeChat’s system is closed, if more and more services are shared by a closed communications system, WeChat can share content that users in the concern of what, including user preferences, use the custom and law, it is very disturbing to other Internet giants, like my users do you have crystal clear.

In fact, Tencent

advantage is that it has a good user pool, the user can quickly move the QQ relationship chain to a new social product, resulting in a competitive barrier. But in the mobile Internet, the address book is a natural chain of relationships, and you just need to do a good experience hosting the address book platform. Easy letter appears, but also makes NetEase layout in the mobile Internet strategy surfaced. Previously, the NetEase in the mobile space layout of a variety of products, including Youdao Dictionary, news client, cloud cloud cloud notes, reading, music and so on, but the lack of a unified platform level products, but the future is easy to believe you can unify the platform, as many Internet services hub of NetEase.

to WeChat’s weakness for a single point of breakthrough, Ding Lei asked easecredit the speech quality of 3.5~4 times higher than WeChat, image compression also requires more clearly, in the group of friends and other products of the set, for the user to choose more, rather than according to their own will to guide users. It seems that this time WeChat really