Cosmetics electricity supplier barbaric growth into the white industry


cosmetic electricity supplier barbaric growth



network operators in the world by Yang Qin

cosmetics to scale, is the third largest category of women’s clothing and men’s clothing after Taobao. According to iResearch statistics, in 2011, China’s cosmetics online shopping scale of 37 billion 260 million yuan, accounting for the overall proportion of online shopping in the total of $4.86%.

in addition, the seller of cosmetics on Taobao more than 200 thousand, scouring the independent businesses are not a minority. Such a huge group, in China’s electricity supplier industry is almost collective aphasia, why not?

answer may be e-commerce is difficult to close".

to the consumer is difficult to distinguish between true and false, cosmetics. Therefore, the traditional retail industry, the distribution channels of cosmetics is closed, the brand commercial closed channels to eliminate fakes. But the opening of the Internet, equality broke the closed, the traditional brand in the face of e-commerce, can only choose to do or not to do, but can not choose where to do.

so, cosmetics brands are very cautious attitude towards e-commerce.

but the huge demand for cosmetics electricity supplier market, which can be confirmed from the annual turnover of tens of billions of online. When these needs can not be fully met through formal channels, channels, market behavior, such as fake Chuanhuo smuggled goods gray or even black have emerged. This constitutes a cosmetics industry "sin". These sins, but also makes the cosmetics hidden from public view.

any one industry, from barbaric growth to standardize the development of a process. Cosmetics electricity supplier today, the norm will become the main theme of the industry, but also the industry, the only way to wash white.

for the development of its own brand, brand licensing, on behalf of the operators, based on the transformation of small and beautiful, these are to survive in the long term life cosmetics. We are very pleased to see many electricity providers are actively exploring these roads, we recorded their efforts with this issue.

regrets is that big sellers at this time but the collective aphonia, refusing to convey information to the outside world, they are the protagonist of this market. Why the seller refused to advise, perhaps this is another topic of discussion.

for the past, we do not mind too much, we are more concerned about how the industry healthy development in the future. This requires everyone to work together to promote.

cosmetics business: the "original sin" gave birth to Matthew

upstream, with the supply of cosmetics sin. Downstream, the choice of the market is making the channel to the oligarchs. The establishment of the brand and the establishment of genuine platform, but also slowly changing the rules of the game market.



network operators in the world by Yang Qin

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