Vertical B2C trapped acquisition, transformation, or keeping a low profile

these days, from the excellent shopping network COO Zhang Xiaojun recently left the message, and the end of January this year, CMO Xu Lei left, returning to his old club Jingdong; at the beginning of July, senior vice president Xie Yunli leaving to join the Tencent business…… This series of events have occurred in the vertical B2C in the background and the potential of the best buy, which can not help but once again attracted everyone’s attention to the vertical B2C.

from suppliers owed money was closed to base d on the verge of delisting, "Chinese supplier first" Mcglaughlin, from the respect of job losses in wages storm cool, catwalk and other luxury goods website, and then to soil, Amoy has ended and the Tao of entrepreneurial platform like this, in recent years the vertical electricity supplier of the day is not better. Those who live, where the customer transfer platform, Dangdang category and extended from the Tmall, red child committed, Kuba married Gome, the vertical B2C a live Starving people fill the land., no scenery, we couldn’t help but wonder: vertical B2C will have


vertical B2C dilemma

is a platform based electricity supplier has become synonymous with the entire industry, and vertical electric destiny is precarious. There are three main reasons for vertical B2C:

1, the category of single sticky less than

vertical electricity supplier is the intention of a particular field or industry fine commercial operation, to meet the user’s personalized needs. But most of the vertical B2C only do the vertical aspects of the merchandise category, such as selling shoes or only sell packages, the goods themselves and the service and the big platform no difference. The other vertical platform are limited to the technical level and the business environment is not perfect, the average user is lower on the new platform recognition, compared with the integrated platform of Tmall Jingdong such as the lack of reason to let the user select.

platform electricity supplier has inherent advantages in terms of user stickiness. Users want a one-stop shop, solve all the needs, plus some vertical electric business category consumption cycle is long, often do not need to repeat purchase, it is difficult to form a continuous flow of viscous, only by constantly acquiring new users to buy to maintain sales, causing the market cost.

2, channel costs are getting higher and higher

2011 music Amoy CEO Bi Sheng had made a speech at CEIBS, the effect is that the electricity supplier is a scam". His calculations, 10%+ 10%+ marketing 10%+ 10%+ warehousing logistics cost = 3%+ 1%+ 4%+ reverse logistics customer service management company B2C vertical marketing collection fees 2%+ package 1% ~ 50%, the premise of the price war is only 10% of the average gross profit, net loss of 40%. Usually consignment class B2C Maori can not be more than 50% (Le Amoy and good music to buy roughly in 20%~25%).

on the one hand, with the end of the demographic dividend growth, the rise in the cost of the channel is obvious to all, the cost of each order on Tmall promotion costs rose to 30-10>