The network announced the suspension of hosting, hosting and other new business

to get the latest news: the network announced the suspension of proxy virtual host, hosting and other new business. "According to the Ministry of industry and information technology on further regulation scheme of mobile phone pornographic special action" (the Ministry of tube [2009]672) provisions on "strict clean access resource layers of sublease problems", China million net from January 31, 2010 late 20:00, stop hosting, hosting exclusive agents, super station car, hosting the purchase of new business.


speculated that the Ministry of the political environment of the Internet via a network proxy mode and ready to go out to change the direct model. This conjecture is based on.

first, the Ministry of remediation layers of sublease is true, the Internet is so big corrective action, fundamentally speaking, it is caused by adverse regulatory layers of sublease, even now has not been exposed to CCAV, sooner or later. Do IDC know, the agency is sometimes very confusing, there are two days before the agent told me he did almost finished the short-lived business, collect the money and leave the customer’s problem, lost to the home, a lot of IDC agent system is not perfect, the pursuit of customers, for the inferior trace agent is allowed, as long as the single line. For the agency, the server, pornography, piracy, such sites are often the highest profit, without the control of the natural situation is the first choice, which led to the occurrence of the problem, the involvement of a very wide;

second for the nets, from the beginning to the present agent system, the amount of customers network has been relatively very stable, customer information are all nets database, rather than most of the profits to the agency, as he pocketed, this may be to a certain scale can not be avoided. When I was in Shenzhen, I often received 35 Internet digging agent corner of the phone, the same truth. The larger the IDC discount to the agent in general 50 percent off, the small point may be as low as 90 percent off, if this part of IDC to do their own, equal to double profits, so they have no reason not to do. Why do you choose to make this decision at this time? It is a network of relatively large companies, shortly before the 540 million acquisition of Alibaba, playing tricks diaojingongcang will inevitably be reviled, and now is a member of Ali, is the identity status of the loss, not Ma Yun’s face that just happened to change the national policy, the Internet environment change, to cancel the proxy policy network, not what time better than now.

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