The father of the famous buy site Groupon today an important new feature on the line

famous buy site Groupon online today an important new feature: personalized buy. This feature can be based on the user’s personal interests to send different preferences and other items to registered users. In the past, Groupon usually provides 1-2 items per city per day, after which this model is still retained, but there will be a little flexibility, according to user preferences personalized information release.

this small changes, it is likely to bring a new wave of revolution in the whole group buying industry.

The simplicity of

Groupon is the secret of its success, but at the same time it also has the disadvantages of easy replication. The Groupon launched the individual group purchase is to reflect the differences in function, and the other more than and 500 similar sites, this new feature will completely get rid of the replicators. At the same time, customization also allows Groupon to release more of the group purchase project at the same time, but not limited to the big city, personalized function is currently only 6 city (Chicago, Losangeles, New York line, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle), the city will also push out other recent.

CEO Andrew Mason said, we launched a new function of the reason for this is there are so many Groupon clones, but the limited market capacity of group purchase group purchase, personalized so that we can beat the competition completely. Because Groupon can now be distributed in the same city in a day of trades, and Groupon was limited to a transaction (or plus two so-called "additional group purchase"), and it can provide many benefits, this is an urgent need for business development.

, however, for users, this change is not very obvious. User registration system will require you to post encoding, your gender, and your designated transactions if you are interested in, but in fact many people don’t know they and other people around is to receive different group purchase – they will still receive the U.S. group group purchase their inbox information. The distribution of group buying is based on personalization algorithms (Mason says that they use an optimization algorithm from Netflix’s company).

of course, this may introduce a problem: you may ask, if I get a new friend sent Groupon discount, but found that we have got a different coupon. In order to solve this problem, Mason said, you can still use any Groupon coupons, including their own and forwarded from a friend.

in addition to allowing unlimited number of buy, the new system makes Groupon more potential flexibility. First, it allows the company to stagger their trading peak, it makes him several times in just a few months, to the number of different users.

it also allows the site to buy for smaller cities. Groupon has always been a big city group purchase – San Francisco, New York, but the user may involve around San Francisco suburban shops, such as Palo Alto.