Where the vice president because PO is blocked or traced to leave

recently, there is news that senior vice president Wang Chunhuan has officially joined the Eslite turnover, and BELLE’s clothing shoes bags business website and purchase, and may serve as excellent purchase marketing director. If Wang Chunhuan’s departure will leave, where the customer is the first founding patriarch. Analysts told the "daily economic news" reporter said, in a series of restructuring and personnel changes and seek listing.

Where the personnel changes frequently

for Wang Chunhuan’s resignation, every guest to the "daily economic news" reporter reply did not deny, said only to comment. The excellent purchase has been unable to contact, the official reporter private letter to micro-blog, as of press time, has not received the reply.

is close to where the industry sources, in the peer also talk about Wang Chunhuan to buy a good thing. It is understood that the former director of the network to buy excellent Xu Lei returned to Jingdong, excellent marketing director has also been in a vacant state.

public information, Wang Chunhuan is one of the five executives in the initial period of the earliest VANCL, was responsible for the marketing department, has a certain position in the customer level, but with Yang Fang, vice president of brand marketing to VANCL responsible for brand marketing propaganda, Wang Chunhuan’s power gradually marginalized. In May last year, Yang Fang left, all passengers aged CEO once again Wang Chunhuan, allegedly trying to regain "where executives frequently leave formed the embarrassing situation".

actually, about Wang Chunhuan coming from the rumors on all passengers to leave the end of the month there came, at that time, we have stakeholders responded that Wang Chunhuan is on vacation, whether the departure is not clear.

analysts believe that where the customer had frequent executives, such as vice president Wu Sheng, Yang Fang, but not where the founding team members. If Wang Chunhuan will leave, this is where the customer first left the founding patriarch. Electricity supplier observers Lu Zhenwang believes that before the guest business mode is not the real profit, such personnel changes will still exist, do not rule out other founding team members will also have to leave.

with a view, if confirmed Wang Chunhuan to leave, or where the customer IPO again on resistance. In 2011, where the IPO is blocked, then the loss of news, where the customer is carried out and the adjustment of the structure of the category. In October last year, where the investor Qiming venture partners Gan Jianping once again sent a guest to the information listed.

adjustment or boost listed

insiders pointed out that since the second half of last year, we have executives continue to leave, but also from that time, we began to enter a period of adjustment.

recently, an internal e-mail where the outflow, the message disclosure, we will continue to adjust the organizational structure, in addition to merge some departments to do subtraction, the company plans to force in the mobile Internet and overseas business.

in the channel form, where the customer is in the adjustment. Not long ago, we announced the introduction of Lee.