From the perspective of the constant adjustment of the structure of the BAT look different



ushered in the last year third structure readjustment, the establishment of a search company and upgrade innovation business, is regarded as outsiders "on the Google establishment of AlphaBet behavioral adjustment". About the structure itself, I have been reading, the core idea is that Baidu will move mobile PC and combine the information and services be made one and focus on the future oriented, innovative business layout. Baidu architecture in the attention of adjustment, it may be from the BAT in recent years to adjust the structure of ideas, to see the different styles of development.

Baidu: adjusted to the main, the most streamlined architecture

Baidu in 2015, the restructuring is not frequent: in 2011, in 2013 there were two major structural adjustment.

2011, Baidu architecture usher in a major adjustment, formed a sales, operation, user product technology and commercial products technology four business system, the concept of time Baidu has no business group, but were divided according to function, it is common for a common structure of the company.

2013, vigorously carry out the transformation of mobile Baidu made a big adjustment, a big change is the introduction of business group: the establishment of charges before the group and search business groups, business groups have almost search sales, operations, search related products and technologies are integrated together. In the middle also gradually formed a mobile cloud business group, LBS business group and international business group. Division of business groups in accordance with the business characteristics, each group has its own functional departments, this stage of its architecture and Tencent today is very similar.

in 2013, occurred in recent years large scale two times: the acquisition of Baidu’s $1 billion 900 million acquisition of 91 wireless, 300 million price -5 billion acquisition of glutinous rice, the former for mobile transformation, the latter in order to service transformation, the two legs walk together. In 2013-2014, Baidu 91 wireless and mobile cloud business integration; Baidu Nuomi independent development, during the extended Baidu takeaway business investment, such as O2O, Uber, Internet banking business began to force, in the Baidu business has become the "complex", involves PC, O2O, mobile and financial fields.

time to the beginning of 2015, Baidu conducted a major adjustment: N and three. A number of business groups, the acquisition of new business to the company, in accordance with the property is divided into three major business groups: LBS mobile services and mobile cloud based, mobile search, search, mobile network business oriented search business group, there is a new business group. Through the Baidu architecture is more streamlined, the benefits of different groups can be more effective integration of its internal resources, more decision-making power. By the end of 2015, Baidu and fission out of a new business group that is the Internet financial services group, forming the foundation of the four major business groups.

this time the architecture was adjusted from N to three, to three, and four