Technology leading the nternet into Web3.0

      when we are still in a heated discussion of the Web2.0 era, the technology elite has long been eyeing the era of web3.0.

      May 19 to 20, the first network of the General Assembly held in Hangzhou, more than 2000 domestic and foreign network technology elite participated in the general assembly. The participants of the Alibaba Wang Tao group senior vice president and general manager of the software on the future trend of the Internet said: "if the change from Web1.0 to Web2.0 is a kind of idea, from Web2.0 to Web3.0 is the leading Internet technology."

      the arrival of Web3.0 era

      "from Web1.0 to Web2.0 in fact there is no very clear boundaries, but from Web2.0 to Web3.0 will be more personalized technical innovation makes the Internet more rich forms of expression. For example, 3D (San Wei), 3G and other new technologies in the use of the internet."

      speaking, Wang Tao in good out of a bandbox. The top junior college in his aura obtained master’s degree in computer science from the State University of Texas, worked as the Microsoft software development manager, led and participated in the research project, Windows Media PocketPC, MS Speech and other departments of the key, also has in the SKYWORTH information technology company and the Kingsoft Corp as chief executive and chief technology officer post. November 2004, Wang Tao joined the Alibaba group, as vice president of Alibaba group is responsible for all technical research and development management of the Alibaba group, CIO functions and the preparation of the new company Ali software.

      Wang Tao whether the idea of Web3.0 applied to the construction of Ali software company? Wang Tao only smiled but did not reply.

      no doubt, the next step in the Internet industry, technology will become the most important inflection point, there is no technological innovation, the Internet industry will stagnate. And specific to each Internet Co, if you lose the driving force of technology, must not climb from Web2.0 to web3.0.

      SAAS model will become a trend

      "SAAS mode will become a trend in the next three to five years." Speaking of Ali software, Wang Tao would like to say is that Ali software is different from the traditional mode of operation of the software industry.

      January 8, 2007, Alibaba (China) software