MT 6 months to close the mobile phone jurisprudence site

after more than 6 months of special treatment, special rectification action has achieved a phased results." The Ministry of information industry and the relevant responsible person said today that since last November the organization to carry out remediation mobile phone pornography special action, a total closure or shield jurisprudence site 14 thousand; closed the site did not record more than 3 thousand; there lack of management, repaying the illegal promotion problems of the Internet business marketing channels 116 partners; there are layers of sublease problems repaying access service providers 89; repaying processes are not standardized, qualification of mobile phone charges on behalf of 237 partners; stop parsing without registration domain 65 thousand; stop resolving jurisprudence domain 4083, and the 3050 jurisprudence domain name holder blacklist.

the responsible person said, to fully implement the Party Central Committee and the State Council on the spiritual purification network environment, protect the healthy growth of minors, the Ministry set up a special action group led by Party Secretary and Minister Li Yizhong as head of the organization, the relevant units to carry out a comprehensive clean-up, the implementation of the rectification and perfect the mechanism of the special action three stage of the work, the implementation of the 83 specific measures to combat mobile phone pornographic.

first, seize the business promotion channels, mobile phone website access, access to resources, layers of sublease fees and mobile phone Internet domain name registration and other five key links, focus on cleaning up, full containment mobile phone pornographic dissemination situation. One is to further regulate the business promotion channels, requiring basic telecommunications companies to conduct business promotion behavior of the whole process of management, to prevent channel jurisprudence. Three basic telecom enterprises and 414 enterprises currently carry out business promotion cooperation sign information security protocol; two is to strengthen the website access management, the three basic telecom enterprises to strictly implement the recordation not access, strict implementation of information security management to have access to the site; three is to thoroughly clean access resources layers of sublease, establishment of daily the monitoring means to sublet behavior, to ensure access to resource usage can be managed and controlled. The three basic telecom enterprises a comprehensive investigation by the 743 access service provider access, repaying 89, and other enterprises to sign letters of responsibility for security access; four is to strictly regulate the Internet mobile phone charges, enterprise organization reform weaknesses, strictly regulate the collection process. For all mobile phone charges on behalf of the agreement signed a total of 1915 partner inventory one by one, repaying 237; five is the full implementation of the domain name registration. China Internet Network Information Center real name audit for new application for the registration of the 116 thousand names of the domain name registration information verification of the authenticity of the information, completed the verification of the authenticity of the domain name 5 million 660 thousand.

second, in order to continue to further remediation of the five key links on the basis of jurisprudence, strengthen technical means, improve the management system, to achieve the purification of the network environment. In order to achieve the normalization of the key aspects of the mobile phone yellow monitoring, enhance the prevention and control of information security incidents, the Ministry of technology to promote the rapid development of various technical means. At present, the reform of the website filing system has been completed, the contents of the mobile phone site measurement system, business monitoring system, enterprise resource management platform, mobile >