Netdragon bought the digital domain name build game website

news January 16th, the world’s only 10 2 character.COM stack digital domain, the domain name, by Fujian Netdragon high priced acquisition, currently access the domain name has been found to build game platform.


diagram: Web page

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China renamed domain whois information query, quality domain name in March 1997 registered the domain name, and for a long time, wine, 99, uncle Chinese "homophonic, as well as other digital content website domain name, without any restrictions, enormous commercial value. In Netdragon generous acquisition of domain name, users have to guess is used to operate the new project? Or jump dragon company website ( Now the mystery was finally unveiled.


enabled to build the game website domain name, for the game player to provide "demon", "conquer", "war machine", "Tianyuan", "Crazy", "dragon hunting tribe," battle Senki "sky" and other games, and the games are composed of Netdragon development and operation.

Netdragon websoft Inc., one of the leading developers and operators of domestic online games and mobile Internet applications, headquartered in Fujian Province, Fuzhou City, Chinese, August 14, 2013, Netdragon announced a $1 billion 900 million sale of its 91 stake to Baidu wireless Affiliated Companies, became a merger of the largest in the history of the internet.