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1, Sina micro-blog ecological deterioration to learn only the Taobao

Ali shares

Ali shares and Sina wireless Wang Gaofei replaced Peng Shaobin as the new head of sina micro-blog is rumored to become the focus of recent.

on the surface, these two things are good.

Ali stake in the capital and strategic level positive. Sina micro-blog is not only the lack of money, but also the lack of ability to achieve small and medium customers. Micro-blog is not always a praised product; at this point, Ali and Baidu are the only two small and medium-sized companies have realized the customer experience. Sina over the past ten years too dependent on sales, so that although micro-blog caught such a theory can be the long tail of the meat and potatoes, but still in the implementation of big company disease seriously.

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Sina micro-blog ecological deterioration to learn only the Taobao

Ali shares

Ali or micro-blog Internet giant Sina shares to prevent "counter attack"

Ali Sina micro-blog investment is not only intended to fight WeChat

2, "double" online shopping after the cold thinking

although double 11 promotion in a short period of time to bring a lot of traffic and large sales, but not much profit to help.

retail is a marathon, not by way of extremely excited. "Double 11" does not create more incremental demand, it is the creation of artificial peak sales.

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double 11 online shopping after boiling cold thinking

3, MSN: Chinese team outcast insufficient permissions single profit model

in MSN was found after hacking, she immediately to the mobile phone more than and 300 friends to send a text message, also made a few phone calls. Just want to breathe a sigh of relief, but received a call from an old friend, said to have helped her to buy 4000 yuan recharge card – which is obviously a liar when. Mixed with injustice and guilt, Liu Wei’s tears came out.

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MSN: Chinese team abandoned insufficient permissions single profit model

MSN closed before the outbreak of hacking "climax" Chinese users faced with the choice of

4, Facebook denied intends to cooperate with YAHOO search

according to the British "Sunday Telegraph" (Sunday Telegraph) on Sunday, citing unnamed sources reported remarks that YAHOO CEO Marisa · Meijer (Marissa Mayer) and Facebook COO Cheryl · Sandberg (Sheryl Sandberg) >;