Why the public comment on the choice of T strategy, and why not merge with the United States

tiger sniffing note: in July 3rd, the public comment founder and CEO Zhang Tao tiger sniffing in the summer of 2015 F& M Innovation Festival on the theme of sharing. Zhang Tao from their own entrepreneurial experience reviews the changes of Shanghai entrepreneurial culture, he believes in the O2O air station business, entrepreneurial Shanghai war has long " mother-in-law culture ", in the O2O to accelerate the penetration of traditional enterprises under the trend, it is difficult to completely through eating, on the O2O entrepreneurs in terms of longitudinal vertical field of emerging opportunities. The last link, Zhang Tao accepted the 12 angry Chinese torture, he answered the question of the United States and the merger of the merger rumors, as well as comments on investment T model thinking.

following Zhang Tao speech record delete edit Edition:

today, tiger sniffing F& M Innovation Festival is a major theme of entrepreneurship in Shanghai, in fact, a few years ago, I am not particularly concerned about this. At that time I felt the Shanghai mother’s culture is still relatively serious, Shanghai people know the meaning behind this.

entrepreneurial venture to overcome the Shanghai mother’s wife culture

in recent years, I’ve found that (Entrepreneurship) is becoming more and more optimistic. I think there is a big background, we are now the hottest two wave. One is O2O, life service providers. Another is the Internet banking. These two industries are particularly suitable for doing in Shanghai. We have done a lot of investment over the past two years, a total of more than and 20 investment companies, half of which are in Shanghai. Not because these companies (location) is relatively close, but we feel that they are very good in the industry segments.

is now competing for talent, competition for the resignation of employees, the biggest competitors as far as possible on this group of start-up companies, and even a lot of employees to leave the business directly, which is particularly evident in Shanghai. In addition, the prime minister also encouraged the national entrepreneurship, Shanghai, the mother’s wife culture has been further improved. These mothers have been willing to safely keep their daughters to the bitter force of entrepreneurs, in addition to these startups, I see their social status and income are improving, because investors are paid for them back, they encourage entrepreneurship.

is now very popular O2O, I think it is related to some of the social trends. The first is that we have a huge increase in the overall income level, the white-collar middle class disposable income. I have seen a relatively true statistics: China’s annual household income of more than 100 thousand of the proportion of households in the family, from to 2010, the proportion has been at 10%, basically no change. And since 2010, it has made a prediction: by 2020, the proportion will be from 10% to 40%, which is an upward trend.

second, the proportion of smart phones in China has been very high, and our mobile payment ratio is much higher than the United states. In addition to our traditional industries a variety of service capabilities and efficiency, relative to other countries is still very low