The Jingdong was traced to the loss of 200 million recharge platform vulnerabilities


] San Francisco October 31st news, last night around 22:30, Jingdong mall recharge platform major vulnerabilities, users can store unlimited Jingdong integral TOP-Q coin and bill. According to relevant sources, the current platform vulnerabilities have been repaired, Jingdong has also been treated with alarm.

22:30 yesterday, Jingdong launched a major vulnerability points for the bill activities, click on the button, the system will automatically recharge, recharge, but will not deduct points. On the contrary, if the recharge success, the return will be doubled back to the account.

users find loopholes in the news spread on the Internet, many users involved in. According to informed sources, there are a large part of the user to recharge the thousand yuan coins and calls. Even the user took the opportunity to recharge 360 thousand yuan calls. It is estimated that the vulnerability to the Jingdong has brought nearly 200 million yuan of losses.

23:40 that night, Jingdong mall has been timely repair vulnerabilities and alarm. Some netizens shouted "regret", and in the Jingdong micro-blog mall official message, claiming that "unfortunately did not catch such a big loophole".

in fact, some familiar with the laws and regulations of the Internet users will know that the so-called heaven will not fall pie, the system is not a white hole drill. For the use of loopholes crazy recharge, such behavior is required to pay the legal liability, the amount of starting point is 500 yuan. Such as the use of loopholes in illegal cash, serious will be sentenced imprisonment punishment.