Never thought mobile traffic into the mainstream marketing

mobile Internet should be the most important change in the field of Internet, more and more enterprises through the development of the mobile Internet business, more and more users begin to use mobile Internet instead of PC Internet search, more and more Internet Co began to focus on mobile Internet development of mobile search business, recently, in the Baidu World Conference, industry he said, the voice search will be more than words and pictures become the main search search, mobile search traffic in agglomeration has become the most important mobile Internet traffic entrance, in the world of the Internet, "never thought" the rapid rise of mobile devices will become the Internet star of tomorrow.

did not think PC search into chrysanthemums after the Double Ninth Festival

in the Internet search business development today, the mobile Internet fast, convenient search become the most important mobile search methods, according to the 58 media advertising alliance statistics, as of the first half of 2014, China Mobile search users reached 467 million, China Mobile search market reached 2 billion 30 million yuan, compared with the previous quarter, an increase of 24.2%. It takes nearly 80% of the total number of Internet users around Chinese, the industry "never thought" is the old legend – PC the Internet has become a legend, legend, the most widely used tool for the new mobile Internet has become a legend in mobile search, mobile search traffic and the number of the new star search market.

did not expect here is the flow inlet

Due to the use of

number and increase the frequency of use, mobile search has become a new Internet traffic entrance, entrance is in these more people search for news and shopping information, to search new mobile applications, mobile browser search can be said to be the main way to search, where the flow of agglomeration brand publicity for the enterprise and bring a new guidance for traffic marketing through mobile Internet search and mobile search traffic entrance application, more display of corporate brand strength, through online marketing way more combination of offline marketing, through mobile search to maximize online marketing flow better.

did not expect the full level marketing achievements of enterprise

The characteristics of

mobile traffic is the biggest fragmentation time period for effective integration, highlighting the characteristics of mobile, especially for enterprise marketing flow, ensure each time can have a certain amount of traffic, at the same time, the characteristics of better mobile marketing into every corner of society the process of life and every point of time, the mobile traffic is not only a kind of marketing for online business entities, for companies is also an unexpected effect, the resulting benefits will be of mutual benefit and win-win, all levels and aspects of marketing to bring a new business for enterprises.

Internet era itself is a place full of wonders, the use of the Internet will be able to