do Google Adsense advertising dumpster practice

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I started 04 years from the forum, experienced a lot of groundless talk, but also through a lot of detours, but for me, it is worth


I now have a monthly income of $1000, I only do GG, and is absolutely normal traffic, do not cheat!

I’m going to detour some of what I do not say, directly from me to do GG start talking about


first started, my forum is very small, the number of online is less than 100, then I do more and more posts, connected online everywhere see the article, can improve the flow of methods have been tried, only reached 3000IP every day, I believe that many owners like me, no matter how hard, traffic is not go to

!Then I think of

, do 1 great flow station hard, do a general flow station, is very simple, so, if I have a lot of small, no more than a small flow station


is open, so many stations, which come so much, even with the acquisition, but also a lot of work


then I think of a method, can be the perfect solution not only can solve a lot of the station and will only reduce the workload and increase the workload of the method is not


that is more than 1 stations are using the same database, then no matter how many stations open, energy is only on a station on it!

I bought a few 10 domain names, open the same 10 a few space, space does not need to be large, only a forum program on the side of the 50m do not need enough.

and database are written with a 10, then a few forums, they realize data synchronization, if tourists registered in the a forum, also B members of the forum, C forum members in the C forum if send a stick, then the D forum will also see, it should be said that the 10 are a few other forum see, the Forum gathered popularity is more simple, more easily than the development of a forum, I regard the 10 several forums to my manager, Super Moderator, district owner, each of them a management, their own propaganda, any personal publicity to a member, for the other 10 several forums, all good! Posts more and more, more and more members! Of course, more and more traffic, and is equivalent to 10 of such a large forum traffic! Search engines will bring traffic to each forum!

maybe someone will ask, the same content website, search engine is not recorded!

for this, I have a solution!

10 a few forums, although the same database, but they are not the same name of the forum, they are not the same style of the forum, they are not connected to the