Small and medium enterprises in the process of e-commerce needs to break through the four problems

today news broke Mengliao: "Wuhan received a Taobao shop shop for the first domestic tax, tax of up to 4 million 300 thousand!" at first glance it seems that figure is astonishing, but compared to 2010 1 years up to 1 hundred million of sales is pale into insignificance by comparison, we can see the news from the electronic commerce industry Taobao as the representative of the business is so great! In fact, from the beginning of a few years ago, with the rise of e-commerce, more and more traditional companies are beginning to realize that the business opportunities are enormous, started to get involved in e-commerce, the traditional marketing channels to expand the network. However, over the past few years, the real success in this area is not much more than the number of smes. What are the reasons for this situation?

e-commerce is not simply to build a corporate website, the product released on the website above can, in fact, many small and medium-sized enterprises is the electricity supplier concept is simplified, resulting in the operation had been ignored in the successful implementation of the key factors in online marketing and sales, just stay in the construction of enterprise website point. Looking at the current problems of SMEs in e-commerce in China, in order to succeed in the process of e-commerce, we need to break through the current four problems:

1, for the enterprise to develop e-commerce plan

used to the traditional marketing mode of enterprises, enterprises from production to sales management is all about traditional and reality of the market and expand the enterprise resources are focused on the traditional marketing channels, to the electronic commerce mode which has procedures and pattern of management style and philosophy and the Internet the relation of merger is not easy. In order to achieve success in the electronic commerce mode of understanding and implementation of small and medium enterprises need is to do homework in advance, the first is the learning principle of electronic commerce and development way, have enough understanding of this new model; secondly, take the time and effort of the successful implementation of the electronic commerce enterprises, summary and learn from the experience of other successful cases; finally, is the most critical step, according to the actual situation and characteristics of the enterprise, the development of e-commerce implementation plan, from product positioning, target user positioning, marketing channels, customer service, service transformation mode and other aspects have to do adequate preparation, careful planning to do the implementation of the next step.

2, the construction of a perfect website or select the platform

enterprises to implement e-commerce business model, can not be separated from a perfect electronic business platform, which can be an independent corporate website or mall, you can also use Taobao mall such third party platform. No matter which way to choose, the most important thing is to ensure that enterprises have a perfect and practical e-commerce functions. At present the enterprise website, most have a display function, but did not have the function of electronic commerce system, such as the customer cannot realize online consultation, online orders, especially the enterprise website after the completion of the neglect of maintenance and optimization, often ranked very near, hardly from the search.