29 hours accounted for 9 million 600 thousand! Circle of friends marketing and Technology (under)

in an article on the "personal brand marketing and operation circle of friends (on)", which in detail we described the marketing circle of friends personal brand of "Tao", that is their own personal brand marketing circle of friends in the process of marketing thinking system, when you hold this line, you will be marketing behavior do have force, to achieve a multiplier effect of


if the friends of personal brand marketing as a sapling, the circle of friends is the soil, "Tao" is in the soil to the deep roots, root is spread value; roots draw water and nutrients that attract value; roots absorb nutrients, soil root stout branches that linger more stable exchange value. "Art" is in the sapling displayed in the wind in the image, the trunk is your personality and life experience; each branch are you a little marketing behavior, only with the "operation" the marketing behavior naturally the branches will appear with luxuriant foliage, gradually, your picture will appear in people this process: the eyes, heart, brain and heart, attentively, the resulting


below we come together to learn about the circle of friends personal brand marketing techniques!

first, WeChat marketing training guidelines

online WeChat marketing training, they will let you do:

1 Name: you want to change the name of the company name + nickname, easy for customers to see you know who you are, what you do. For example: in the wood black Chinese wolfberry seedling. Front plus a A, you can row to the front of the WeChat address book, so that customers often see you.

2 Avatar: you want to change the picture into your real photo, so as to improve your image authenticity.

3 signature: you want to change the signature of your main business + phone number, to facilitate contact with others after seeing you. For example: in the wood black wolfberry bulk, gift boxes, gift phone 150********


4 circle of friends cover picture advertising: you want to put the picture on the product picture, let others see you know what the recent activities.

5 praise: see a friend to send things on the praise, so that others continue to see you, increase the impression.

6 code: teach you a code, sent to others so that others pay close attention to you, give you up.

public platform: how to do the basic teaching activities, do customer service, after-sales. (omitted 1000


this is the process of teaching a novice to learn how to operate a software…… [


part of the content can be used for reference. Some time ago a brother want to let the company public micro signal the beauty operation to lectures, learning micro marketing, asked me to learn Tan Xiaoping or Du Zijian, from my side spent 20 thousand to listen to the lesson learned that friends, micro marketing general effect, the company’s customer service can do.

Now that

seedling, the company’s brand and personal brand in the network era has.