Sogou surge secret input method or the first entrance into the nternet

recently, Sogou released 2012 second quarter earnings, reported second quarter Sogou revenues reached $30 million, an increase of 123%, growth of 34%, which contributed to this achievement was started last year’s cloud strategy.

input method is closer to human communication needs

according to the survey, the needs of Internet users are online shopping, browsing news, watching videos, making friends, travel. But when they have to get involved in these fields, Sogou chose another way, proposed a three rocket strategy. One of them is Sogou input method, and was placed high hopes sogou.

back in 2006, when the domestic market is also Baidu search and Google flagship when Sogou input method from the start, up in the Internet market development path. Relying on powerful Sogou search engine and a number of advanced search engine technology, Sogou Pinyin input method came into being, opened up a new era of input method. Today, Sogou input method over 300 million users, covering up to 83.6% of domestic users, and help Sogou browser, Sogou search to accelerate access to Chinese Internet users perspective.

Wang Xiaochuan pointed out that since the birth of mankind, communication is the most basic needs of people, even if the moment is the most fiery micro-blog or SNS, is also reflected in the demand for communication. In the Internet era, the input method is the first step in interpersonal communication, but also with the browser and search the most closely combined with the end of the entrance. Relative to security and chat, the input method is a more basic needs, giving users a broader communication interface.

input method through search function

Sogou input method Sogou product system in the outstanding performance, making Sogou firmly believe that the input method will occupy an important position in the future of Internet competition. Analysys International Statistics also confirms this judgment. Analysys International research pointed out that with instant messaging, security software, input method and other client rise, the traffic has accounted for more than 20% of China’s Internet PC. The three rocket development model proposed by Sogou, entrance is different from the Baidu way around the Internet, Sogou input successfully promoted the development of the browser and search engine, formed a good momentum of development.

it is understood that, at present, Sogou Pinyin input method has already begun and search together. For example, Sogou input method innovatively used the search engine technology, the network hot words by words thesaurus search engine discovery program, Everfount found common words in almost all categories, or even just place the hot events, Sogou input method can play fluently. In addition, Sogou search engine through super snapshot library, Sogou input method can analyze the network news, forum text, thematic articles and so on more than 100 billion words of text data, ensure the Sogou input method in frequency on strive for further improvement.


Sogou input method thesaurus in the number of leads to the change of input method. In the latest input method design, Sogou is taking