March 1st online shopping tickets will verify the identity of the ticket up to no more than 100

Spring Festival this year, cattle using the identity card number generation software store ticket reselling the media exposure, 12306 websites can not verify the identity of defect information to be criticized. However, this situation will change in the future. Yesterday, reporters from the Chinese railway company was informed that since March 1st, 12306 website will carry identity verification ticket network. That means you can’t get a train ticket with a fake ID.

is not a verification of identity information can not buy tickets

it is understood that 12306 of the registered users of the site to buy tickets or tickets for others, you need to add the information of the car into the commonly used contacts (car). In this process, you need to register the identity information. Previously, some cattle using the identity card number generation software to get the false identity card number, name up to hoard tickets. From 1 next month, the use of the two generation of identity cards on the site of the registered users and commonly used contacts are required to verify the identity information.

has passed verification, pending verification, not by three kinds of state, only the common registered users and contacts, to the site through the 12306 normal ticket. The other state of the user, or the need to modify the information after the re verification, or holding the relevant original documents to the station window or outlets site for identity verification.

12306 Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan channel channel

The 12306 train tickets online shopping

, identity authentication also expanded the scope of passports, Hong Kong and Macao residents mainland travel permit or mainland travel permit for Taiwan residents registered users and "contacts", after verification of identity information, there will be "through" please inspection, pre through fail four verification status.

has passed, through the state, the normal train tickets online shopping. Please inspection the user must have a valid identity certificate to the station ticket window for pre verification. Such as agents, but also to provide the effective identification of the original agent. "Please contact inspection" (car) in exchange for online shopping ticket for the pre verification together.

online shopping tickets must not exceed 100

for the long name, rare words, characters such as website ticketing system is not able to identify the situation, can only handle passengers at the station ticket window, for registered users need to fill out registration when the mobile phone number after 4 or registered mail before 3, ID number of contacts also provide common registered users fill in the registration the.

addition, the number of online shopping tickets, but also made the corresponding restrictions. With the two generation ID card and has passed the verification of identity of registered users, can only add no more than 100 "contacts", that is to say, a more than 100 registered users, can not buy a ticket. Passport and other documents, please inspection in the state, the total can not buy 20 tickets.

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