Domain name in the circle of friends to share the need for CP record or share will be limited

A5 ( station network December 12th news, Tencent WeChat public platform announcement that WeChat now share in the circle of friends of the domain name, must be at the end of the year (December 31st) to complete the ICP record before, otherwise, the frequency will be restricted to share.


from the circle of friends Marketing Limited friends, read the number of WeChat public transparency and other events, the WeChat public platform to clean up the circle of friends again. In addition, it means that the domain name for the record, no record of the domain name in China, including foreign website, share will be limited in WeChat? Bigwigs want to share a domain name in the circle of friends, be in before the end of the year in December 31st to complete the ICP record.

record of the ultimate goal is to prevent the illegal elements on the Internet to engage in illegal business activities, the Internet website hit adverse information dissemination, after the news, the Ministry said, a new generic top-level domain name can not be filed by the Ministry of industry can not China market registration, market domestic Internet domain name or will face a reshuffle.