MySpace Juyou accessing off station will encounter failure or fate


MySpace invited Jane Zhang

Wei Lai era (Tencent to participate in the activities of science and technology plan)


technology news (Lei Jianping) October 17th news, although MySpace denied the sale of MySpace will affect their business, the Chinese destiny is in a precarious state. Following at the beginning of this year layoffs 2/3, CEO Wei and vice president of operations after the departure of today is the emergence of access failure, which makes the outside world have concerns about their future.

actually, is just a microcosm of domestic SNS encounter, two domestic website SNS 360 ring, the ant network has suffered fall of fate, the past two years is the decline of, Internet analyst Hong Bo (micro-blog), all of which are derived from the exclusive SNS hard to build their own core competitiveness.

server access problems are being investigated for reasons


MySpace (Baidu access fault Tencent technology plan)

in the market is not too much of the sound of MySpace Baidu recently because the site can not be accessed again to attract outside attention. According to informed sources, at the beginning of this year adjustment after leaving only more than and 10 individuals responsible for the operation of Myspace, with the sale price of $35 million, August adjusted the original all staff turnover, responsible for the new team, Chen Pengfei served as CEO duties.

however, according to former senior staff revealed that the background is very complex, it is composed of more than and 100 engineers took 1 years of research and development, with the employment of older employees, the lack of professional maintenance system. New employees are generally just graduated from college, lack of experience. "This group of people do not have the experience, the equivalent of from August after the lack of maintenance, which also led to the emergence of today can not access the situation."

technology Tencent forward product director Ni cool confirmation, the other said he had left in August, began operating their own projects, the specific circumstances need to ask now team leader. Tencent technology call CEO Chen Pengfei, MySpace denied each other will close the site, but he admitted that the web server access problem, is the investigation of reason.

Chen Pengfei pointed out that for a group of people in August, after the old staff is mainly to do music, not suitable for the new development direction now. However, Chen Pengfei did not disclose a new strategy future.

The fall of the SNS website

it is understood that shareholders except the news group, including Xiong Xiaoge (micro-blog) China broadband industry base > responsible IDG and Tian’s.